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We have an extensive network of interpreters across the UK in over 200 languages.

We provide interpreting services all over the UK for all kinds of situations.


Our interpreters are familiar with all kinds of face to face interpreting assignments in a variety of environments. At R.D.S. we operate under a strict confidentiality procedure so all interpreters & translators are carefully selected ensuring that our service to our clients is not only of the highest quality but kept strictly confidential.


✓ Simultaneous Interpreting

✓ Court Interpreting

✓ Business Interpreting

✓ Prison Client Visits Interpreting

✓ Consecutive Conference Interpreting

✓ Interpreting for Financial & Medical professionals


Let us know your requirements and we will allocate the most suitable interpreter and advise you of fee. Should you wish to proceed, we advise our interpreter with as much information as is available so they are fully prepared for the assignment.

Send your enquiry to

or give a member of our team a call.

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