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We have a prestigious network of specialist translators in over 200 languages. Our language translation services cover all aspects from legal, financial, medical and highly technical translations.

At R.D.S. we understand the importance of communication for businesses as well as individuals across the globe. Renowned for our quick turnaround times, we make use of specialist translators, translating into their mother tongue, ensuring that the tone and context of the original text is kept in the target language.

Our translations are provided by translators/interpreters which hold certifications from various institutions such as NRPSI, CIOL etc.

We are able to stamp and sign the translation and provide a covering letter of authenticity/certification if required.

With the head office in Reading, UK, RDS Translations works only with the most experienced and talented translators, ensuring that all translated and certified documents are always 100% accurate and reliable.


how it works

Files uploaded or sent to RDS by client
Project Manager appointed
Files analysed and reviewed by specialist software 
Files analysed and reviewed by specialist software 
Estimate created and sent to client
Translator(s) matched according to subject matter
Translation completed
Sent to secondary proofreader for quality control
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